Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection of the pulp (centre part of the tooth that has delicate nerves and blood supply). The pulp can infected due to bacteria from decayed tooth, leaky fillings.


How is root canal treatment done to save the tooth?


This procedure involves two or more visits. Initially your dentist will remove the infected nerves and blood vessels and place a dressing after draining any abscess. In the subsequent visits, the canals are measured, cleaned and shaped in preparation for the root fillings. Finally the canals are filled with a permanent root filling. Until the root canal treatment is completed, the tooth will be filled with a temporary filling. Following successful root canal treatment, the teeth may require a cap to protect the root filled tooth.



What are the benefits of root canal filling?


There are several benefits to saving the tooth with root canal treatment

  • Save natural tooth without need for a replacement
  • Normal biting sensation
  • The neighbouring teeth will not drift into the empty space when the tooth is lost.

    Root canal treated teeth will need some form of crown covering following completion.