Our aim has always been to ensure that each patient experiences a personal service in their general and cosmetic dental care. We also want to maintain and deliver the very highest standards of customer care and service. We ensure that all our team members undertake continuous professional training, in order to develop their skills.


  •  We will always put your interests first.
  •  We will offer you a complete range of options for your care.
  •  We offer both NHS and independent care.
  •  We shall put you in charge of the decisions for your care.
  •  We will offer you a range of flexible payment options.
  •  We have 'same day' emergency appointments.
  •  Wheelchair access and disabled car park are available.
  •  Automated texting services for appointment reminders and recalls.
  •  We are open seven days a week including bank holidays.
  •  We rarely run late and do our utmost to ensure we never do.
  •  Domiciliary visits are available.
  •  We thrive to exceed expectations.
  •  We are always immaculately presented.

    Smile 32 have the utmost respect to all of our patients. We have a philosophy of holistic patient care, hence we not only address the existing problems, but ensure that we keep prevention on the forefront of our services. We take the time to understand each patient's needs and formulate a care plan to suit this.